• Kachel des Podcasts damals heute über morgen

The podcast “damals heute über morgen” (rough­ly trans­la­ted as “back then, today, about tomor­row”) deals with topics relevant to every­day life from the life of 18 to 30-year-old Branden­bur­gers. In three episo­des, the team talks to the genera­ti­on before 1989/90 and today’s young adults; first about dating, sexua­li­ty & family planning, in the second episo­de about educa­ti­on, work & oppor­tu­ni­ties and then about perspec­ti­ves, wishes & the future.

How did they meet back then and now, what are their plans and where are they going? The team talks to people from Cottbus, Schwedt, Zossen and Guben, among others, and discus­ses the state­ments of the Branden­bur­gers in each episo­de with experts in the studio. The aim is to create a dialo­gue between the past and the present about tomorrow.

The three episo­des were broad­cast in 2020 on the radio stati­on ALEX Berlin 91.0 and can be strea­med as a podcast.

Source: Univer­si­ty of Appli­ed Scien­ces Potsdam project website