“Haus 17” is an umbrel­la brand for the student commit­tees and initia­ti­ves of the Potsdam Univer­si­ty of Appli­ed Scien­ces. The aim of the brand is to a common, consis­tent commu­ni­ca­ti­on as well as greater aware­ness and recogni­ti­on for the work of all the committees.

As the facul­ties on the Kiepen­heu­er­al­lee campus grew together, the commit­tees and initia­ti­ves began to network better with each other. It became clear that the marke­ting efforts for campaigns and events could be organis­ed more syner­ge­ti­cal­ly under one umbrel­la brand.

The umbrel­la brand unites the numerous student commit­tees (AStA, StuRa, commit­tee networ­king meetings, plena­ry assem­bly) and initia­ti­ves (inclu­ding the student club “Casino”, the “Campus­gar­ten”, the sustaina­bi­li­ty initia­ti­ve “INZukunft”, the online magazi­ne “Semiko­lon”).

House no. 17 (Haus 17) is a building on the campus of the Potsdam Univer­si­ty of Appli­ed Scien­ces which has been actively used by students since the mid-1990s. After a renova­ti­on, the building was reope­ned at the end of 2017 and is today, with the Casino bar, the headquar­ters of the student councils. The self-adminis­te­red building also houses a co-working space for students and a project room for initiatives.